About the school


Located 30 minutes from the airport, the village of Sainte Anne has multiple hostels and Guest houses. At the edge of a beautiful lagoon and white sand beaches, the place offers a whole lot of touristic activities.

Our school focuses on individual lessons

Private kitesurfing lessons guarantee a better safety and learning curve. Your teacher is by your side to help you and hear you. His full dedication will bring you a better attention, faster reaction and muscle memory, all together, a faster learning process.

Fotos de las clases

Easy Kite reimburse the lessons not given.

In case of cancellation for poor weather forecast, you will get your money back for the lessons cancelled. In case of light wind, your teacher will offer you, depending on your improvement, a board dragging session –good fun!-.

The equipment is supplied.

You will be fully geared up with the equipment required for your lesson : kites, harness, impact vest and booties.

French Sport ministery agreement number N° 97108ET0012.
Free flight federation affiliate number N° 99926.

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